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  • How to become the feared and respected leader of the pack & sell your shit at (VASTLY) higher prices than your competitors’ WITHOUT losing sales OR customers (except those you want to lose cuz working with them is worse than scrubbing your nipples with bleach and a wire brush)
  • How to stand out like a hard-on in a nudist camp from the “me too” guys and gals in your industry.
  • Why selling at a discount and competing on price is the quick way to the funny-farm and bankruptcy (clue: for your average business a small 10% discount SLASHES your profits by 38.6%)
  • Why “likes”, “shares”, “engagement”, and other Social Media B.S. are all drippy gobbets of useless donkey-snot.
  • Can you really make more money while still being yourself and pissing people off? (The answer is “yes”, but it ain’t as simple as just being obnoxious for the sake of it).
  • Best of all, EVERY ONE of the 52 Ideas has a simple Action Point, meaning the series grows into a comprehensive and POWERFUL business- and marketing-programme guaranteed to make your business FLY.

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