A little while ago someone asked me an astute and very pertinent question. He said, in effect, “EBG, if you’re such an awesome copywriter… why do you not write those humongous long-copy sales letters any more?”. Good question. The short, glib, and accurate answer is “I can’t be arsed”. That’s the truth, but it’s not [...]

This is a somewhat long and ranting post so if you’re of a fragile disposition you might want to give it a miss. But I think you’d be a fool if you did, because there are some valuable business and marketing lessons in here (most of them learned the hard way). Moreover, while it’s ostensibly [...]

If you run a small business and you’re not making the profits you know are out there waiting for you but always feel like they’re just beyond your reach, then your day has just got a lot better. But before I get into that, you need to understand something: there is nothing to buy here. [...]