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The short, glib, and accurate answer is “I can’t be arsed”.

A little while ago someone asked me an astute and very pertinent question. He said, in effect, “EBG, if you’re such an awesome copywriter… why do you not write those humongous long-copy sales letters any more?”.

Good question.

The short, glib, and accurate answer is “I can’t be arsed”.

That’s the truth, but it’s not the whole truth.

Because the whole truth is…

… it doesn’t make much difference (except for the fact I don’t have to sit at my desk for umpty-bazillion hours crafting a humongous long-copy sales letter any more).

Now, let me be clear: it’s probable I’d make more sales if I did write these sales letters… but the increase in conversions is so small as to make it not worth my while. Sure, the time and effort I put in to the letter would be amortised over time, but even so I still can’t be arsed.

So instead I put my time and energy into writing daily emails which do the selling for me (I’ll share with you exactly how I do this tomorrow).

But, o’ course, life ain’t always that simple.

And this case is no exception.

Because while sending any old daily email is likely to increase your sales, if you wanna enjoy the BIG rewards, you’d do well to follow a proven system.

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